High School Placement

St. Luke’s graduates are admitted to a wide variety of top tier institutions. Our list includes the most selective schools in New York City—independent day schools, specialized public high schools, and parochial schools—as well as boarding schools across the United States.

At St. Luke's, our Director of High School Placement guides families through the high school application process with assistance from the Upper School Head, the Assistant Upper School Head, and the dedicated teachers who provide support and letters of recommendation. This collaboration with families begins in the spring of Grade 7 and continues throughout the admissions process during their Grade 8 year. The goal is for each student to enroll at a school well suited to their academic strengths and interests so they can meet the challenges of the future with confidence. 

St. Luke’s School’s personal approach, excellent reputation, and unparalleled advocacy are key elements to each child securing a successful high school placement.