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Early Notification for JK and K
Notification Date: 12.08.24
Reply Date: 12.15.24

Notification Date: 2.29.24
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Notification Date: 2.08.24
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GRADE 1 – 7 
Notification Date: 2.13.24
Reply Date: 3.04.24

Financial Aid Policy

St. Luke's School values and actively encourages mutually enriching diversity in our community.

Students and faculty come from a variety of backgrounds with different racial, ethnic, economic, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations. The financial aid program aims to support diversity and hopes to make the school more accessible to as many families of varying economic backgrounds as possible.

All students who meet the admission criteria of the school and who demonstrate need are eligible to receive financial aid. St. Luke's School recognizes that the primary responsibility for financing a student's independent school education rests with his/her family, and we expect that both parents will contribute to a child's education and provide information to the Financial Aid Committee. The school cannot award more aid than is determined to be the difference between the applicant's resources and the school's fees. Parents Association dues and material fees are rarely subject to financial discount.

Financial aid information is kept in strict confidence and students receiving financial assistance are not held to different academic or behavioral standards. Similarly, the school does not endorse a policy whereby families supply services in exchange for financial aid. Families requesting financial aid are not required to commit to the school until a decision has been reached regarding their financial aid application.

All families who hope to obtain financial aid must apply for assistance each year they anticipate need. The school allocates financial aid systematically, first to returning families currently receiving financial aid, then to current families who experience a change in economic circumstances, and thirdly to families who plan to enroll a sibling in the school.

The Financial Aid Committee uses a uniform methodology to assess, in a consistent and equitable manner, each family's ability to pay for education. Application forms and instructions about applying for financial aid are obtained through the school's Admission Office. The Director of Admissions and Financial Aid processes financial aid requests and is happy to answer questions. St. Luke's School does not provide educational loans; however, the CFO/COO responds to questions about payment options. The financial aid program at St. Luke's School is funded by a variety of sources including gifts from the Parents Association, parents, alumni, and friends.