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Campus Gallery

St. Luke's School sign.

Founded in 1945, St. Luke's School opened with two teachers and 19 students in four grades, holding classes in the Parish House. Independent from the Church as of 2012, St. Luke's School has expanded its student body to two classes per grade, with the exception of a single section of Junior Kindergarten.  

Flowering trees surround the school grounds

Nestled on two-acre landmark block in the West Village, our school is oft described as an oasis in New York City. Whether you prefer flowering trees in the spring or fall colors marking the change of season, the walk through the gardens is exquisite.

The community standards at our entrance.

Upon entering our doors, all are reminded of the community standards of dignity, compassion, respect, excellence, and honesty.

Shelves of books lined up in the library.

The award-winning Grace Sawyer Library was created in 1997 and remains an integral part of the fabric of our school. We have a collection of 17,644 titles and 23,230 total copies, guaranteeing countless hours of learning and discovery for our students.

Students sit together in the %22make and play annex%22 of our library.

Board games bring fun and laughter into the lives of our students, and our Library Annex houses a carefully cultivated board game collection.

Students learn in the Art Room.

Our light-filled art room is constantly buzzing as students explore their own creativity through different modes of art making. Children are encouraged to take risks and develop as learners through our integrated arts program.

The cast stands together in the black box theater.

Our black box theater transforms for special musical and dramatic productions, houses school-wide assemblies, and serves as a hub for Parents Association-sponsored dances. Many memories are shared in this space throughout the years.  

The dance teacher instructs a Lower School student.

Dance allows children to learn to express their emotions and become aware of themselves and others through creative movement and improvisation. As students mature, they collaborate as they learn choreographed sequences.

Our state-of-the-art gymnasium.

Participation in athletics is an integral part of the student's life at St. Luke's. Our gym which opened in 2017 has given our athletes room to run, an opportunity to operate as a team, and a place to hone their leadership skills. When not serving as home court, the gym hosts school-wide assemblies and the Lower School gathering called Mentions. 

Soccer players in a game off-campus.

Our athletes compete against other New York City independent schools on soccer and softball fields around the city, including Pier 40 and JJ Walker Park. During the 20-21 school year, we will also pursue these alternatives to provide more time for our students outside.   

Students sit in the chapel.

Chapel is a special time set aside for all members of the school community to gather in the church for prayer, song, reflection, and celebration. Students participate in a quiet and respectful way; some find it a time to renew or develop their own religious life while others use it an an opportunity for quiet contemplation.

Upper School students learn in the science lab.

Our scientists explore the world around us in all of its forms. From studying ecosystems and renewable resources to the microscopic study of matter, students are stretched in their own understanding. In Grade 7 and 8, our students grow into biologists, chemists, and physicists.

Lower School students learn in class.

Students listen, learn, and engage in our classrooms. Their teachers inspire confidence in their students across the subjects, serving as a partner as the child masters skills and concepts. Through this hands-on learning approach, students become more comfortable in their own learning experience, and curiosity for the world begins. 

Lower School students learn in a classroom.

Our gracious learning spaces allow students to play and learn - and play to learn. Students begin their journey to discovery, self-awareness, and advocacy. In this Early Childhood classroom, opportunities to wonder, explore, and collaborate opens up students' minds to the world around them.

Upper School students learn in a classroom.

In our Upper School, students learn about the world around them in spacious and colorful classrooms. Whether engaged in service learning or interdisciplinary studies, students develop a strong sense of self as they contemplate their place in the world.

An Upper School hallway.

The colorful hallways of St. Luke's School serve also as a lesson in engineering. The steel beams that support the two-story addition are an architectural feature in the decor, maximizing hallway space and igniting our students' imagination.

Students collaborate in a breakout space.

Students have access to multiple breakout spaces throughout the school, allowing them to complete assignments and group work in comfort.

Our amphitheater.

Opened in September 2020, our amphitheater serves as a space for outdoor learning, socializing, and performing. Our students enjoy spending time together in the amphitheater, and we look forward to future performances and presentations in this beautiful space. 

Completed in Fall 2022, our Rooftop Playfield is a large turf field where students play and teams practice.

Tree- and greenery-lined pathway on school grounds

Thank you for visiting our school home. As you leave our virtual grounds, we invite you to enjoy this beautiful fall foliage along the path of the Church of St. Luke in the Fields.