Treasured students and their parents, dynamic professional staff, and decades of alumni create the fabric of St. Luke's School.

St. Luke’s School fosters a feeling of family — a supportive climate of trust and understanding, communicating values and building community. We are intentional in creating opportunities for families to interact with each other, with professional staff, and with students across grades. Once students become part of St. Luke's, they remain connected well after graduation.

Explore the many ways to get connected, to become active members of our school body, and to build the friendships that will enrich our lives — now and into the future.



Our Parents Association creates vibrant and engaging events for St. Luke's School families throughout the year. Our community comes together to transform the school and celebrate. Parents and children alike embrace costumes in this community!

Professional Staff Highlights


Learning is the heart of our school. Our Professional Staff are always advancing their learning to better serve their students. Read more about travel grants, notable conferences, and other professional development opportunities.

Alumni gather in the library during the annual Christmas Fair.



Keep in touch with us — and your classmates!

Every year, we connect alumni with each other and with beloved faculty at the Alumni Canteen hosted in the Grace Sawyer Library during the Christmas Fair. Learn more about this and other opportunities to connect.

Alumni sit together outside the school.