Professional Staff

St. Luke’s School is a community that seeks to awaken a “lifelong love of learning in its students.” The school understands that in order to do this well, the entire professional staff must serve as examples for students. Therefore, the school has an ongoing commitment to support the learning of every member of its professional staff. We seek to maintain a professional staff that reflects the diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and religious pluralism of our community. 


Faculty Travel Grants

In recognition of our faculty's commitment to curriculum innovation, the Parents Association sponsors annual travel grants.  These grants are intended to help faculty engage in enrichment studies or travel that applies to the curriculum.

faculty conferences and grants


St. Luke's School seeks to awaken in children a lifelong love of learning and a sense of joy and wonder. Our faculty reflect this: they, too, are lifelong learners. Every professional staff member has access to professional development and is encouraged to attend local, regional, and national conferences.  

Notable conferences include:
  • People Of Color Conference
  • Responsive Classroom
  • RULER: Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • Sounds in Motion
  • NYSAIS Brain & Learning Conference
  • Academy for Teachers (nomination and acceptance required): Caroline Muro, Aurea Hernandez-Webster, Nancy Tompkins, Woody Granger, Jack Woodhull
  • Emerging Leaders Institute: Alicia Howard

Subject-specific conferences include:

  • National Science Teaching Association
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages