COVID-19 Response

St. Luke’s School is a strong community driven by a passionate commitment to enduring community standards, a fierce belief in our mission, and a determination to build a vibrant and expansive educational experience for our children. If the last five months have taught us anything, it is to be humble in predictions and flexible in planning.


Our committees relied on the recommendations of the CDC, the New York State Department of Health and Department of Education, health professionals, and ABA Studios, Polise Consulting Engineers, and Environmental Management Solutions of New York. Their work is reflected in our plans, and the Pandemic Response Team continues to meet at least weekly to plan, implement, assess, and modify this living document. We provide the option for students to choose onsite learning, fully remote instruction, and a hybrid of the two.  Our approach to learning in the time of COVID-19 is a reflection of how we hope to serve our community, meet the requirements of our regulatory agencies, and live our mission.

We have broken our response into four categories, folding in a sense of community responsibility through our guiding covenant. 

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Self Care & Well-Being
  3. Learning Experience
  4. Investment


We compiled a glossary to help parents navigate terms that are used frequently in our response plans. View these terms and their definitions.


  • We are building a safe and healthful school that serves and protects our children and professional staff.

  • We are building challenging, flexible, and innovative curriculum and instruction based on best practice.

  • We are building a community and program that supports the social and emotional lives of those within it.

  • We are building a covenant together to make wise decisions outside of school so we can protect and support the lives and work that take place inside our school.
OUR covenant

We have often spoken of our community covenant to serve our children, each other, and a greater good. This aspirational focus defines and strengthens the St. Luke’s School family. There are those in our community who face immediate health risks, and seemingly casual choices we make may have a serious impact on them. With over 250 families and nearly 100 professional staff members, the sheer impact a careless decision can have on many lives is significant.

Living our community standards of compassion, dignity, respect, honesty, and excellence calls us to support each other with wise decisions and to understand that what may feel like a sacrificial choice is actually a service to the greater good.