Learning Experience

St. Luke’s School is offering on-site instruction with a fully remote option for families who choose to participate remotely while our campus is open. We are also prepared to smoothly transition to distance learning with all students learning remotely if the school campus must be closed. 

Whether offering on-site or distance learning instruction, St. Luke’s School remains committed to providing all students with opportunities for deeper learning through meaningful connections with each other, caring and gifted faculty and staff, and ideas and content that are simultaneously subject-specific and interdisciplinary. 
Students attending school on-site will have opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning. All the decisions we have made in planning for the fall enhance our community’s safety, honor our school values, and support our emphasis on academic excellence. Students learning remotely, either as part of our on-site options or if the entire school has transitioned to distance learning, will participate in intentional SEL lessons, have full access to teachers, facilitators, and learning specialists, and receive a mix of synchronous, streamed instruction and engaging asynchronous work.

The COVID-19 Response Team will monitor general conditions and the learning environment to make adjustments to the measures St. Luke’s School takes to ensure student safety against COVID-19. We have broken down our potential responses in order to determine when to offer on-site or distance learning instruction. The general conditions are coded into four levels: green, yellow, orange, and red.

*For more detailed descriptions regarding these levels of learning environment adjustments, see our full Return to Campus Plan.

Pods, Cohorts, and Hybrid Instruction

Each class has been divided into two pods, and each pod has been assigned to a classroom that allows physical distancing. The two pods are considered a cohort and may interact with each other from time to time, such as during physical education or recess when outside, or in the case of students in Grades 5 – 8, when taking their world language. This allows us the flexibility to offer children more time for outside physical activity and specialized instruction while minimizing interaction with the general student population. In order to comply with mandates for physical distancing, Grades 7 and 8 will need to alternate between on-site instruction and remote instruction. Balancing on-site with remote instruction is known as hybrid instruction. For details, see the full Return to Campus Plan.

Flexible Technology

Each learning space for every pod is set up to both broadcast and receive remote instruction, including an interactive television or smartboard, a camera, and speakers. Each student in every pod will have access to an individual device (either a tablet or Chromebook). This gives the students and teachers the flexibility to determine how best to engage with learning and participate in school events.

Gatherings, SPORTS, AND OTHER School Activities

Lunch will be delivered to and eaten in the classroom. Read more about the modifications of school activities in our Health & Safety section. Every grade will have an opportunity for outdoor recess every day in their cohort group. Recess will take place in one of the Church’s garden areas, which they are graciously allowing us to use during the school day. Physical education will take place on a regular basis for all grades. PE classes will be conducted on the playground. In addition to the advantage of being held outside, which is recommended when one is exerting physical energy, the playground is large enough for an entire cohort (or class) to have PE at one time and comply with the recommendations of physical distancing. All larger gatherings will be held remotely, including Chapel, Mentions for Lower School, and Convocation for Upper School. Students will remain in their pods and attend the events virtually via the classroom interactive video/audio set up. Parents will be sent links so they can attend these events virtually as well.

Safety guidelines have been adopted so that students can participate in limited intramural sports programs for health and sense of comradery. Competition between schools and physical contact are not permitted; however, our athletic department will hold intramural sports clubs that focus on skills development and teambuilding. During the months of September, October, and November, after school intramurals for Grades 5 – 8 will meet once in person and once remotely for 45-minutes each week. Each grade will have a separate day to meet in person. Students who opt for fully remote learning may join in the remote workouts but cannot join in the in-person practices. For information on the After School Program and how it functions during COVID-19, click here.



Male softball player in action