Students sit the amphitheater and raise their hands.
Building & Grounds

St. Luke’s School has invested significant funds to ensure that the physical space on campus is suited to support healthy, safe, effective, and dynamic learning during COVID-19. New spaces have been constructed, existing spaces reconfigured, rooms reassigned, and infrastructure upgraded in order to accommodate safe in-person learning. The music room, auditorium, and gymnasium have been repurposed with either additional power, acoustic paneling and/or new ventilation to accommodate the pods approach. A new health office was constructed to allow for direct access to the outside, isolation booths for sick individuals, and upgraded ventilation. HEPA filters, either through portable air purifiers or through upgrades to the existing HVAC, have been integrated into all learning spaces. The new outdoor amphitheater serves as an outdoor classroom, and we are making full use of our newly renovated playground and the beautiful open spaces on Church grounds.


Each learning space has been outfitted with new video cameras and microphones to allow for synchronous remote and in-person learning. These pieces of equipment have been extensively tested and reviewed prior to installation. The school has also upgraded its internet speeds to make this accommodation possible. Additionally, the school is now one-to-one with computing devices. Students are equipped with Chromebooks, iPads, or Windows-based laptops uploaded with grade-specific learning software and tools. St. Luke's School is prepared to support family's technology needs at home as well as in our building. Should your family have questions about or need support with access to devices or broadband, please contact

Financial Aid

We have been fortunate at St. Luke’s School to provide a strong education that incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is partly displayed by our financial aid effort. Despite increased costs to address space, technology, and other changes due to COVID-19, St. Luke’s has deepened our commitment to our student body by not merely maintaining but increasing the total amount of financial aid dollars for families in the 2020-2021 school year with the St. Luke’s School Family Emergency Relief Fund.

Contact Susan Harriot if you have questions about financial aid or the Family Emergency Relief Fund.