Back to School Resources from Our Psychologist


Back to School Resources from Our Psychologist
Rebecca Swanberg

From the psychologist at our school, Dr. Marcus:

"While there has been much progress made in the fight against COVID-19, especially since the fall of 2020, it is still in our everyday lives, and it is not uncommon for children and parents to experience anxiety about returning to school. As always, your conversations with them can be very helpful in alleviating this anxiety. Asking open-ended questions, empathizing with your children’s concerns, clearing up any misconceptions and focusing on what they can control will serve you and your child well in these discussions, as will pointing out what everyone is doing, both in and out of St. Luke’s School, to improve people’s safety. Please see the following links to resources that you may find helpful in guiding these conversations as we begin our year."




Back To School Anxiety During Covid

Helping Kids Cope with Reentry Anxiety

Building Resilience in Children

Coping with Parental Separation Anxiety

Parent Tip Sheet from RULER

Dr. Lisa Damour on Return to School Resilience (Podcast)

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