Faculty Attend SEED and Stanley King Workshops


Faculty Attend SEED and Stanley King Workshops
Rebecca Swanberg

Our Deans are enriching their professional lives this summer in order to better serve our school. Alicia Howard, our Dean of Leadership, is attending the SEED New Leaders Week in Minnesota. The National SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) partners with schools to develop leaders and train them to drive personal, institutional, and societal change toward social justice. The work that Ms. Howard will be embarking upon this summer enriches a foundation she’s already laid at St. Luke’s. At New Leaders Week, she will immerse herself in multicultural SEED materials and methods and bring that momentum back to SLS.

Our Dean of Student Life, Joe Wood, is also deepening his learning and gaining new tools to better lead our student body. Mr. Wood attended a five-day professional development conference at the Stanley King Institute last month. The institute is designed to offer a model of teaching counseling and listening skills to teachers, advisors, administrators, and other school personnel. According to the institute, their goal is not to train professional counselors, but to help teachers strengthen and deepen their relationships with students. During the week, Mr. Wood learned skills in deep listening and tools to recognize students who might be in need of additional support. “As we enrich our advisory program,” he said, “I hope to help our advisors connect more deeply with their students and provide the social-emotional support they need.” The program had 60 attendees from across the country. “Navigating the past couple of years in school has been different for several students,” Mr. Wood said. “Deepening our understanding of their needs has become vital. My hope is that my experience will empower students to develop meaningful relationships with their teachers.”

Go, Deans! We appreciate you.

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