Students Form Social Justice Club


Three students in Social Justice Club stand by their bulletin board.
Rebecca Swanberg

St. Luke's Upper School students joined together to create their own Social Justice Club, which meets with Morton, our DEI Integrator, during lunchtimes. Students discuss current and historical events through a social justice lens, think about ways to create change, and perhaps most importantly, how to broaden our imagination of what the world could be. This week is Solidarity Week. Solidarity Week is a student-powered campaign dedicated to building collective support for LGBTQIA+ students and educators. This week-long program helps people learn about and practice solidarity with different identities. To honor Solidarity Week, the Social Justice Club members put together a bulletin board in the Upper School hallways, on which they posted resources and information, along with a large sheet of paper titled "#SolidarityIs..." where students can share their own definition of solidarity. Some examples — "being independent" and "being an upstander." What does solidarity mean to you?

There are no resources to display