Affinity Groups

An affinity group is a group of people linked by common interests, backgrounds, ideology, or experiences and who gather to support each other. At St. Luke’s, student and parent groups provide supportive spaces for underrepresented groups, playing an important role in ensuring an inclusive community where all are valued, included and empowered to succeed.

At St. Luke's School, we offer the following adult affinity groups:

  • Parents of Students of Color

  • White Anti-Racist Employees

  • LGBTQIA+ Family Alliance

  • Colleagues of Color

A Note on Student Groups:

We have three student affinity groups at St. Luke's School. We are developing our student groups in order to better serve our students.

  • The Student of Color Affinity Group (SOC) is a student-led group which provides opportunities for workshops, discussions and events reflecting the unique concerns and needs of its student members. More importantly, it is a space where students of color are free to share and affirm experiences, building connections and a stronger sense of self. Students in Grades 5 - 8 will be welcome to participate.
  • White Student Affinity Group is a space for white students whose goal is to deepen their understanding of white racial identity, white privilege, and white cultural dominance in social context and specifically at St. Luke's School. The group will work in solidarity with the Students of Color affinity group. Students in Grades 5 - 8 will be welcome to participate. 
  • Gender Spectrum Alliance is a group open to students in Grades 5 - 8 who may be questioning their gender identity and allies. An adult will lead this group in discussions about sexual identity, gender identity, and some of the challenges and joys associated with non-binary identities.

Stay tuned for details about these affinity groups as they develop.