About the Wisdom Circle

The Mission of the DEI Wisdom Circle

In many cultures, naming is important. 

For instance, cherished ancient texts in many cultural traditions recount stories where the naming of people, places, and groups reveals their key characteristics and predicts their functions. By naming the central DEI advisory team at St. Luke’s School the DEI Wisdom Circle, we aim to highlight the characteristics and functions of this team. 


Key Tasks/Objectives of the DEI Wisdom Circle
  • Meet at least six times during the academic year to discuss and assess the overall direction of DEI at St. Luke’s School.
  • Advise the Chief DEI Officer and the DEI Integrator on ways to deepen a demonstrable commitment to equity at St. Luke’s School.
  • Create and refine a calendar of DEI-focused programs and initiatives that will be incorporated into the overall calendar at St. Luke’s School. 
  • Assist the DEI Integrator, the Director of Advancement, and the Communications Manager in providing regular DEI updates to the St. Luke’s School community via the school’s website, newsletters, bulletin boards, and other school-approved communication channels.
  • Develop procedures for evaluating and enhancing existing DEI programs and initiatives and creating and vetting new DEI programs and initiatives.
  • Assist the Chief DEI Officer and DEI Integrator in defining the role and relationship of parent affinity and alliance groups (e.g., Parents of Students of Color and LGBTQIA+ Family Alliance).