Diversity Resources


For many of us – especially teachers and students – summer represents a time of restoration. We take time to sip our coffee or tea, meet friends for lunch, travel, clean our spaces, go outside, and enjoy a glorious mid-morning yoga or spin class – all while continuing to learn, read and explore. Summer gives us more than nice weather: summer gives us the opportunity to repair.  

I would say the same is true for society. As things slow down and the sun offers us more light, I wonder what it would mean to live in a culture of repair? We’ve largely gone on mending here and there to get by, and keeping things basically intact. Just two summers ago, COVID-19 and another case of state-sanctioned violence exposed the nation to many inequities and injustices, but how much have we repaired? Repair, in its deepest sense, is about cultivating the well-being of individuals, communities, and the natural environment, and reshaping our culture into one that takes care of and repairs what's important to us, as a matter of course. 

The list below is just a few resources to learn while fixing things, to repair the deep damage in our communities, in the systems that shape and hold us, and in the environment.

Read/watch/listen to what you need, read/watch/listen to what you can.