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I’ve never had a real appreciation for holidays. In general, I think most holidays create more pressure and expectation for perfection. I do, however, appreciate New Year’s Day, because it signals a point of reflection. It requires us to pause, think, feel, process what we do/who we are, and why. It is necessary and sometimes difficult work. 

On New Years, even those who don’t have a practice of reflection use this time to claim a fresh start or renew commitments, big and small. Whether or not we follow through, there is something special about this collective energy to be better versions of ourselves. 

New Year’s Day is also the final day of Kwanzaa, when we celebrate the last of the seven principles –  Imani – which means faith. Trust and confidence that the coming year will be better than the previous, that we will follow through on new and old proclamations, that the seeds we have planted will be harvested. Faith that a better world is possible. 

When I reflect, however uncomfortable it might be, it leads to more gratitude, more grace, and more motivation. Certainly some of the necessary ingredients to continue building a culture of repair – one that holds us accountable to one another and the natural world. 

Read/watch/listen to what you need, read/watch/listen to what you can.