Our Wisdom Circle

The DEI Wisdom Circle will consist of an interdependent group of people selected from different areas of school life who convene regularly to guide DEI approaches, events, and initiatives toward beneficial outcomes for all members of the St. Luke’s School community. The DEI Wisdom Circle will serve as a clearinghouse for considering, planning, and executing DEI initiatives. While the insights of the DEI Wisdom Circle will always be highly valued and given utmost consideration, the DEI Wisdom Circle is an advisory team. Thus, ultimate decision-making concerning DEI efforts at St. Luke’s School rests with the Board of Trustees, as it collaborates with the Head of School and the Chief DEI Officer.  

The DEI Wisdom Circle will seek the common good through collaboration, dialogue, consensus building, reflection, affirmation, constructive evaluation, and receiving the counsel of experts and other wise persons from diverse perspectives. When necessary, the DEI Wisdom Circle will engage in a democratic voting process with each member having one vote. The DEI Wisdom Circle will meet as a whole at least six times each academic year. Subgroups of the DEI Wisdom Circle may convene more frequently to plan and implement initiatives.

Membership of the DEI Wisdom Circle (13 Members)
  • The Two DEI Parent Representatives to the Parents Association (The Facilitators)
  • Two Parents-At-Large (One from the Lower School and One from the Upper School)
  • Four Members of the Professional Staff (from the Lower School, the Upper School, and the broader Professional Staff)
  • Two Student Liaisons (One from Grade 7 and One from Grade 8)
  • One Community Member-At-Large
  • Head of School (Ex-Officio with Voice and Vote)
  • Chief DEI Officer (Ex-Officio with Voice and Vote)
  • Members of the DEI Wisdom Circle will serve for a one-year term. The adult members can be appointed for up to three successive one-year terms before having to rotate off for at least one year. The student representative from Grade 7 may continue to serve during her/his/their Grade 8 year.