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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

--William Butler Yeats

Dear St. Luke’s School Friends and Families,

Several years ago I was watching a Grade 7 and 8 basketball game when another spectator, a Kindergartner, turned to me and said, “You know, Mr. Baldwin, I love Kindergarten!”

“You do? That’s wonderful. Why do you love Kindergarten?”

The child thought and then said, “Well, I have to like it. I am Kindergarten, and I love me!” There was a depth to his statement that has remained with me all these years. First, I love his awareness that Kindergarten at St. Luke’s School isn’t a class – it is a group of children. This is a subtle, yet vital distinction that defines the way we work with all students. We teach children, not subjects. We work toward standards of excellence for each child, not standardized minimums for the aggregate. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we measure success individually. When you teach an individual and not a class, you can challenge each child to take a risk because you can provide an expectation of success. As a result, at the end of an assignment, students are more likely to exclaim, “I never realized I could do that,” than, “I’m glad to be done with that!”

We strive to help children build self-esteem based on meaningful accomplishment rather than mindless affirmation. Children know the difference between the two, and they realize that the former nourishes while too much of the latter simply lowers their expectations for themselves. My young friend is right. He is Kindergarten – at least at St. Luke’s School – and that makes all the difference.

And so I was drawn again to the quote from William Butler Yeats. Children protect their gifts before they share them. They look for trusted people and safe places where their dreams, their hopes, and their worries will be treated gently, carefully, and respectfully. And once they find that, they stretch and play and learn and grow. This is the fire we strive to light and why, as our mission states, we work “to free children to question, challenge, explore, and pursue truth wherever it leads.” Once children are able to do this, they will embody confidence, discipline, integrity, and a love of learning.

Enter and explore our website, which conveys the vibrancy and dedication of our students, parents, and faculty, the depth of our curriculum, and the breadth of our vision. To experience the everyday life and feeling of a school community, we invite you to visit the school and see who we are and how we live and learn together.

Bart Baldwin
Head of School


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St. Luke's School is proud to announce our newest faculty and staff members who joined us for the 2019-20 school year.
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