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New Faculty Announcement
Posted 06/27/2017 10:35PM

Dear St. Luke's School Families,

Spring is always an exciting time at St. Luke's School and especially so this year. As scaffolding is removed, an enticing addition is revealed, and children, parents, and faculty find themselves imagining next year as they approach the end of this year. It will be exciting to walk into new and renovated spaces in the fall knowing that this is something we built together. The transformation of the building reflects the transformation we all face in spring – planning thoughtfully for next year as we celebrate the ending of this year.

Spring is also a time of transition for our faculty and staff, and we wanted to bring you up to date on our plans. As you are aware, we are celebrating Lyn Spyropoulos' extraordinary career at St. Luke's School, a career that spans 28 years and has touched the hearts and lives of thousands of parents and children. 

As announced previously, we are excited to welcome Lauren Mazzari to St. Luke's School as our incoming Upper School Head. She officially joins us July 1, but she has already visited school several times and will continue to do so during this transition. Lauren is currently the Assistant Head of Lacordaire Academy, a Pre-K through Grade 12 independent Catholic school in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Lauren has been the Assistant Head of School at Lacordaire since 2011. Prior to that, she was Head of their Lower and Middle School. In fact, she has held a host of administrative positions since 2000 and been a member of the Lacordaire community for over twenty years.  She began her career as an English teacher at Dwight School.

After two years at St. Luke's School, Cindy Sweetser has accepted a position teaching science at Marymount. As her curriculum at St. Luke's attests, Cindy is passionate about collaborative teaching and the STEM and STEAM movements. In addition, she is dedicated to empowering students as scientists.  We know she will take these passions with her to her new school, and we are thankful to Cindy and appreciative of all she has done for St. Luke's.

Daniel Deepak will join us as our Grades 6, 7, and 8 science teacher. Daniel is well known to the school, having taught science at St. Luke's from 1997-2005. He left us to move to Austin, Texas, where he taught Grades 6, 7, and 8 sciences at Paragon Preparatory School. In addition, he has experience at Academy of St. Joseph and the Spence School. Daniel attended undergraduate school in agricultural science in Bangalore, India. His MA is in microbiology from Long Island University. In addition, he has extensive training in programing, and he incorporates technology in his classroom and his instruction. In fact, he has developed his own online text book for his curriculum. Rosina Williams, an alumna and one of our associate teachers, said that Mr. Deepak was one of the best teacher she has ever had. Another alumna attending a school event told Lyn that she had kept only one notebook her entire academic career, and that was Mr. Deepak's science notebook.

Jeff Howe will be our additional Grade 5 homeroom teacher and Grades 5 and 6 social studies and religious education teacher. Jeff is currently a middle school history teacher at The Country School in Madison, Connecticut. He has also taught Grade 5 math. He began his teaching career as a kindergarten associate at Greenwich Country Day School. In addition, Jeff has significant experience in outdoor education with middle school students as well as experience as a soccer and lacrosse coach. He is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University. One of his references commented, "The minute he signs a contract with your school, your school will be stronger and ours will be weaker."

Kristina Bassiacos, who has completed two years as a Kindergarten associate teacher will join Vanessa Rosado in Junior Kindergarten as a co-lead teacher. During that time, she has proven to be a gifted teacher able to be both compassionate and firm and a clear and effective communicator with children and adults. A graduate of Bucknell University, Kristina is completing her Masters degree at Fordham University with an emphasis in literacy. She and Vanessa will make a dynamic team.

We are thrilled that Jessica Soo has agreed to join us full time as our Director of After School Programs and Assistant to the Lower School Head. She will support Mary Ann and the Lower School faculty. As you are aware, the Lower School has completed its expansion since Grade 4 has reached double sections. Increased administrative support for this division will improve communication, coordination, and support students, faculty, and administration. We are thrilled that Jessica has agreed to take on these additional responsibilities.

Finally, we are excited that all of our associate teachers will be returning. Each has proven to be a wonderful addition to St. Luke's School, bringing energy and new ideas as they continue to hone their craft. Some associates will return to their current assignments while others may move to gain broader experience. We will announce associate assignments soon.

In a small community like ours where personal relationships are highly valued, each person's departure is felt deeply, but we are excited by the quality of the teachers who will be joining our program and the vitality change can bring. We are indeed fortunate to be able to honor the legacy of those who leave us and build on the strength of our current faculty by welcoming these gifted educators to our school.

All the best,
Bart Baldwin
Head of School
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