A Campaign for the Future of St. Luke's

For almost seven decades, St. Luke’s School students have entered a sanctuary in New York City that inspires their imaginations, challenges their intellect, and nurtures their spirits.

We are a small school that dreams big.

In 2011, St. Luke’s School articulated our ambitious dreams in our strategic plan. As we continue to achieve milestones in the history of the school, new dreams are well within our reach—creating a St. Luke’s School which will honor our strength, embrace the future, and be financially sustainable for generations of students to come.

We needed the support of our community to realize this dream.

Watch our campaign video today. 

Inspiring Generations: Expansion & Facilities - $7,500,000

The plans for the 20,000-square-foot, two-story addition include:

* 9 new classrooms, including a second science lab

* A 4,000-square-foot gym—almost regulation-sized high school basketball court (more than 60% larger than our current gym)

* An arts center with dedicated space for drama, art, music, band, and practice rooms

* An auditorium with seating for 250

* An expanded library and media center

* A rooftop play space

* A professional kitchen and dining area

* Elevators ensuring St. Luke’s accessibility and ADA compliance

Honoring Our Teachers: Faculty Compensation and Development - $1,000,000

The quality and dedication of the St. Luke’s School faculty are critical factors in our students’ education and St. Luke’s success. We must improve faculty compensation and expand opportunities for professional development if we are to recruit, retain, and honor our faculty.

* Recruit and retain the best teachers with a seed fund to increase salaries

* Increase funding for professional development

* Create opportunities within the school for career advancement

Nurturing Our Spirit: Commitment to Diversity - $500,000

St. Luke’s is a richer community because we reflect the city in which we live. Our end goal is to establish an endowed fund that will enable any admitted child to attend St. Luke’s School, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

Financial aid statistics for 2013 - 2014:

* We award over $1.3 million every year in financial aid through tuition and designated donations

* 23% of our students benefit from need-based financial aid packages

* Last year, the ratio of financial aid applicants to recipients was 3:1

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