Frequently Asked Questions

Why does St. Luke’s School need to raise money?

While the true value of a St. Luke’s School education is hard to quantify, the cost of educating each student exceeds tuition every year. We supplement funding for our programs with money generated from annual fundraising activities, special gifts to the school and, from time to time, capital campaigns. The generosity of St. Luke’s supporters enables us not only to maintain but also to enhance the quality of our students’ educational experience each and every day.

Why not just raise tuition?

Raising tuition would negatively impact our community in two ways. The entire burden would fall on current parents, and such increases would exclude many talented students and wonderful families. Through fundraising, St. Luke’s can offer all supporters (not only current parents) the opportunity to make tax-deductible gifts and feel the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to enhance our students' educational experience.

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and the capital campaign?

Annual Fund gifts are solicited and given every year to help fund operations. Gifts to the capital campaign are generally larger – usually made over a three- to five-year period – and fund long-term projects, such as new construction and endowment. Annual gifts help us live. Capital gifts help us grow.

Who is asked for gifts?

Every member of the school community – current and past parents, alumni, grandparents, current and former faculty and staff, and friends – is asked each year. Last year, gifts to the Annual Fund ranged from $25 to $25,000. Every gift – no matter the size – is needed and greatly appreciated.

Why is it important that I give to the Annual Fund?

Because all current students benefit from gifts to the Annual Fund, every current family is asked to contribute to the best of its ability. Every dollar given to the Annual Fund is used to provide for the outstanding faculty and programs that directly benefit our students every day. The Annual Fund supports everything from the latest technology and hardware, to the best teaching tools and classroom equipment, athletic and arts programs, safety and security for our campus, maintenance and upkeep, financial assistance, as well as faculty salaries and compensation – all aspects of the school from the nitty-gritty to the inspiring.

I already give my time volunteering, attending events, and donating auction items. Do I have to write a check too?

The Annual Fund provides the foundation each year for our fundraising efforts. We ask each family to make this gift a priority when deciding how to contribute to St. Luke’s School. We strive for 100% parent participation because high participation builds community and inspires others to give.

Do I have to give every year?

High participation rates among members of the St. Luke’s community are a vote of confidence – a sign that our parents and others invest in our students’ future and support the school’s mission. While donating is strictly voluntary, for the past three years every current family has chosen to make a contribution to the Annual Fund. 100% of our faculty and staff have given to the Annual Fund for the past five years!

How much am I expected to give?

Everyone is encouraged to give to the best of their ability, and we understand that means different things at different times. We simply ask you to make a gift that is meaningful to your family. Achieving 100% participation is crucial, so deciding the giving level that is right for your family and participating during the campaign is most important. Ideally, a family’s giving reflects their commitment to St. Luke’s School, their desire to support the school’s mission, and their individual circumstances.

Can I direct how my Annual Fund gift is used?

On the Annual Fund envelope and when you give online, you can specify where you would like your gift to go: unrestricted support, faculty support, program enhancement, or scholarship aid. While unrestricted gifts are what we need most, we are always happy to receive funds that support specific program areas.

When should I make my gift to the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund drive launches in the fall and runs for five weeks. Your family will be contacted by mail and by parent volunteers during that time. We ask that you make a pledge to participate during the five-week period. Any pledge made can be paid by May 31 to count toward this year’s Annual Fund.

I want to support both campaigns. How do I decide how much to contribute to each?

This is a personal decision. Only you can determine the right gift amount for you and your family. We hope you will remember that the needs of the Annual Fund remain the same even when a capital campaign is in full swing. It is our hope that everyone will be able to participate in both campaigns to whatever extent possible. If you would like more information about how you can participate, contact Clint Rataczak, Director of Development, or Jocelyn Bowman, Director of Advancement.


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