On the evening of Thursday, January 24, the St. Luke's School community came together to officially kick off the Grounds for Our Future project. Bart Baldwin, Nisha McGreevy, and Board Chair-Elect Holly Fogle outlined the objectives, the plans, and next steps around this community-wide effort to re-envision the outdoor spaces of St. Luke's. In addition to hearing from our fearless leaders, we presented a video graciously produced by Michael Rourke, Grade 4 parent.

We are excited to talk more about this as a community. In February, we offered two specific ways to learn more: rooftop tours and parent coffees. The tours offered an in-person sense of the scale and scope of the project. At the coffees, we were joined by members of our faculty and administration who shared their insights on how this project can affect their program.

Please reach out to Catherine Corry, Sudie Anning, or Jocelyn Bowman if you are interested in learning more or participating.

The outdoor space at St. Luke's School is a unique and special gift. This set of projects will enable our children and community to enjoy even more access to the natural world, to play, to learn, to be nurtured, and to grow.

The renderings below represent a proposed design that may change as the plans solidify.

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