Dedication of Building

Bart Baldwin, Head of School

September 7, 2017 

Ten years ago, when we started envisioning how St. Luke’s might build, adapt, and thrive, a parent commented, “I want us to be the best school for the right reasons!” Five years ago, when we started envisioning this building, architect Andrew Bartle created an artistic metaphor in which our current building looked something like a caterpillar, and then became cocooned in a chrysalis of scaffolding, only to emerge fully formed and new – yet also supported by the structures which have always been there.

It seems that we – faculty and staff, students, and parents – have all undergone this metamorphosis. And let me extend that metaphor just a bit. You know the creation of a butterfly is not the end of a metamorphosis. Rather, it is just the platform to launch these new and renewed creatures so that they can begin their journey populating the world and pollinating flowers.

And so, I am truly excited for what we have built – and I will be eternally grateful for the role each and every one of you played in its creation, but I am even more excited that this addition, this renovation, and this expansion is also a launching pad for what we will build together – beginning today, with the children in this room.

Read speech in entirety.

Watch time-lapse video of construction.

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