Strategic Plan

The strength of St. Luke’s School has always been that we engage collectively as a community to think about the school and all that we value. Therefore, as we continue to implement our vision of expanding enrollment, it is important to gather to reflect on what we cherish and what we should examine in order to identify emerging priorities.  

In 2014-2015, we embarked upon a strategic planning process for the next five years, having achieved many of the goals of our previous strategic plan. We joined together as a school family united by mission, compelled by vision, and bound by an abiding passion for the children we all serve. What we realized through this process is that what we have is great, but what we strive to be is even better.  

A strong and mature school, and St. Luke’s is certainly both, must remember to celebrate its strengths, but it should also share issues it should examine and ways it might improve. Inevitably, some issues are simpler and able to be addressed in the near term while others, more complex, must be tackled over the longer term. We invite you to explore this strategic plan and join us as we realize what it means to have a 2020 Vision.

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St. Luke's School is proud to announce our newest faculty and staff members who joined us for the 2019-20 school year.
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