Our Response to COVID-19
An Upper School student dances outside.

At St. Luke's School, we're not just responding to COVID-19. We are finding ways to evolve and adapt that serve our students and our mission. We are reimagining and re-envisioning. Most of all, we're continuing to learn and live with joy and openness, during an unprecedented time.

From the start of our planning, we knew that it would be a worthwhile endeavor to open our doors to students for in-person learning during COVID-19. It was more of a blessing than we imagined. Now, as we look toward more chances to come together in-person as a community, we can reflect upon the challenges and joys that we have faced together, and together, we forge ahead.

I firmly believe that this pandemic has revealed the best of our community. Our children remain bright, inquisitive, kind, resilient, and joyful. Our faculty and professional staff have demonstrated dedication, professionalism, selflessness, and love of their craft and for your children. Our parents have offered compassion, understanding, patience, and support. Together we have faced great challenges with a belief that we can surmount them, now and as we plan for the future ahead of us. We have adapted to change with agility and a determination to serve children. And most importantly, we have engaged each other with kindness, forgiveness, and an assumption of good intent.

In spite of the difficulties and challenges presented by the pandemic, we have uncovered great joy. It was found at the intersection of curious and loving children, talented and dedicated teachers and staff, and collaborative, kind parents. Whether in person or fully remote, the learning and community at St. Luke’s School remained rich; our children remained happy and thriving; our teachers delivered excellent instruction and “care-full” support; our community found ways to connect and support each other. For that, we thank you.

Now, as we continue joyful in-person learning, we do so knowing that no matter what comes our way, we can trust the comfort that will always be  found in this school and with this community.

May we pursue joy in learning during all trying times,

Bart Baldwin
Head of School 

Headshot of Bart Baldwin
A student walks into school smiling.
Two Lower School students draw on the pavement with chalk.