Summer Work

Is your child ready to work on his or her summer projects?  Projects are expected to be completed over the summer. Please contact or your Division Head with any questions.  

Students are encouraged to explore the many reading options available on the Grace Sawyer Virtual Library Google Classroom-GSVL!


Students in Grades 2-8 who have used Google Classroom this year may use their Google Logins to access GSVL where they will find instructions for accessing our ebook and audioboook collections using the SORA app, as well as their Public Library cards. It is a great place to explore and discover titles they may be interested in reading as well! Happy Reading!

Summer work can be found below.

JK into K (Class of 2031):
No summer work!

K into Grade 1 (Class of 2030):
Literacy and Math (54 pages)

Grade 1 into Grade 2 (Class of 2029):
Letter and Summer Reading (6 pages)
Summer Reading Log (1 page)
Grade 1 teachers also sent home packets at the end of school. For a digital copy, go to their Google Classroom.

Grade 2 into Grade 3 (Class of 2028):
Reading (6 pages)
Math Letter (1 page); Math (20 pages)

Grade 3 into Grade 4 (Class of 2027): 
Reading (4 pages)
Math (41 pages)

Grade 4 into Grade 5 (Class of 2026):
Reading (2 pages)
Math (6 pages)

Grade 5 into Grade 6 (Class of 2025):
Reading (2 pages)
Math (33 pages)

Grade 6 into Grade 7 (Class of 2024): 
Reading (2 pages)
Math (17 pages); Math Answer Key (16 pages)

Grade 7 into Grade 8 (Class of 2023): 
Reading (3 pages)
Math Parent Letter (1 page); Math (16 pages); Math Answer Key (16 pages)
ISEE Summer Work Log (1 page)

Grade 8 into Grade 9 (Class of 2022): 
Math Parent Letter (1 page)
Math - Algebra (16 pages); Math - Algebra Answer Key (16 pages)
Math - Honors Algebra (16 pages); Math - Honors Algebra Answer Key  (16 pages)
Designations for Math Class