An Integrated Education
Lower School Boy Does Science Experiment

We are committed to individual, interpersonal, and institutional growth so we can welcome and affirm all families and their children.

Our program is rigorous and developmental:


We consider all subjects core to the student learning experience. By the same right, all aspects of a student's life are important in their school experience: curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular. Our approach to academics is to integrate and marry subjects, and not to hold one above the other. At each grade level, homeroom and specialist teachers collaborate with one another to create essential questions, determine crosscutting concepts, and develop performance-based assessment tasks. Based on this collaboration and their individual expertise and knowledge of professional standards for their grade level, they design curriculum to support children as they achieve their educational goals.

At St. Luke’s, interdisciplinary teaching allows content from one subject area to reinforce another and open up fresh insights.

From nurturing pre-K childhood development activities, through a challenging yet balanced elementary and middle school curriculum, St. Luke’s School offers one of the very best private school academic programs in Manhattan. The academic program balances basic skills and critical thinking with collaborative learning and interdisciplinary study. The school comprises two divisions: Lower School (Junior Kindergarten - Grade 4) and Upper School (Grades 5 - 8). The core curriculum in reading, writing, and mathematics is complemented by science, world language, physical education, and multimedia technology. At St. Luke's, learning is fostered through a sense of belonging. Students find their sanctuaries within the larger fabric of the school community: in the library, which serves as community center and the heart of St. Luke's; in the After School Program, which offers a varied selection of classes or private music lessons; in our Athletics program, where students build a sense of teamwork. Service Learning, Social-Emotional Learning, and Learning Support Services are woven into school life. This way, every student has the support they need to develop into a thoughtful, engaged citizen with a foundation in leadership skills and equanimity, and the tools they need to succeed in academics and beyond.

St. Luke's has had integrated library and drama programs for almost twenty years. In the last ten years, we’ve focused on integrating more aspects of the curriculum. We are committed to arts integration because it uses the power of art to engage students in experiential learning, which is critical in developing creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

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A Lower School student reads her original poetry on Zoom.

Students performed original poetry on Zoom for this year's annual Grade 4 Poetry Cafe.

Two Lower School students wait for customers at their Cocoa Cafe.

Grade 1 students culminated their study of the restaurant industry with a Hot Cocoa Cafe, in which they took orders and served cocoa to our community.

Kindergarteners stand outside celebrating the 100th Day of School.

Kindergarten students culminate a unit on counting and number patterns with a celebration of the 100th Day of School.

Upper School students play basketball outside.

The Varsity Basketball Team refined their skills at home for the 2020-2021 school year.

Lower School students hold up a poster advertising Service Week.

Everyone turned out this year for Service Week, and we were able to give back to our community through generous donations of goods and time.

Lower School students sing a song outside.

We celebrated Grandparents and Special Visitors' Week over Zoom this year, and were therefore able to welcome friends from all over to spend a day in our halls. The week culminated in a song share.

Grade 5 students show their artifact for the Egyptian Museum.

Grade 5 students finished their unit studying Egypt with a multimedia Egyptian Museum, including an informational video, and handmade artifacts.

Junior Kindergarten students blow giant bubbles in the courtyard.

During a unit on the properties of matter, Junior Kindergartens approached the question: how can you prove that air takes up space? Giant bubbles came into play as irrefutable proof that air takes up space.

Grade 3 students pose with their totems.

Grade 3 studies indigenous cultures this year. Shown here are their handmade totems. The unit culminated with an Origin Stories presentation.

Upper School students perform a science experiment.

Grade 7 students conducted a lab on oxygen and carbon dioxide.

An Upper School student writes in her notebook.

Grade 6 completed a unit on poetry this year with an imitation of Pablo Neruda's "Ode to My Socks."

A Grade 8 student holds up a self portrait.

Grade 8 students took art class outside to draw self portraits.

A Lower School student stands in front of a Zoom screen.

Grade 2 celebrated Persian New Year by bringing a parent into class on Zoom. The student shared with his parent, and taught his peers about the holiday.