Drama & Performance

At St. Luke's, every student takes part in Drama and Performance, and has the opportunity to shine on stage.

Drama and performance at St. Luke’s is an integral part of the curriculum and the development of social acuity.

When investigating and looking deeply into a subject matter such as examining a historical period, a piece of literature, or a social structure, drama provides an in-depth picture of that world. Theatre for our students transform plays, poetry, and historical events into action through student analysis, interpretation, and performance.  Drama at St. Luke’s is firmly rooted in the emerging field of applied theater that fosters a deeper and more empathetic understanding of the material learned through the students’ academic studies. Performances are a vital part of the Lower/ Upper School program. Age-appropriate performance opportunities allow the students to showcase their expertise and share their learning with an audience. Acting, Improvisation, Public Speaking, team building, Reader’s Theatre, and increased confidence are positive by-products of the performance aspect of this program. 

I played the lead in virtually all the school plays … it whet my appetite to do theater. I later did hundreds of plays on and off Broadway and all over the world.Richard Cox Zuckerman, ‘62