Learning Support Services

Our Director of Learning Services, psychologist, and learning specialists function as part of the educational team that works closely together to address the needs of all students in the areas of learning, social and emotional development.

The Director of Learning Services oversees the support services for JK - Grade 8. As a team, the psychologist and learning specialists collaborate in identifying students' strengths, working with parents to outline challenges, and implementing strategies to support the student at home and in the classroom. They coordinate information with their Division Director and faculty, make outside referrals for further evaluation, as well as coordinate any outside supports the child may be in need of or already receiving. Additionally, the Director of Learning Services, the psychologist, and the learning specialists are actively involved in many ongoing programs to support children, teachers, and parents.


Learning Services Support TEAM

Dan Hyatt
Upper School Learning Specialist 

Laurie Maher
Director of Learning Services

Sam Marcus

Sujean Park
Grades 3 - 5 Learning Specialist 

Stephanie Rosser
Grades JK-2  Learning Specialist