The Grace Sawyer Library's mission is to provide children with a welcoming setting that invites reflection and wonder.
The award-winning Grace Sawyer Library was created in 1997 and remains an integral part of the fabric of our school thanks to the generosity of St. Luke’s School alumni, parents, faculty, and friends. A diverse and wide-ranging selection of resources enhances children’s growth and learning, while encouraging discovery of themselves and the world around them. We encourage children to read by providing unique opportunities to make meaningful connections to books and reading. Ultimately, we hope to have every child regard books and the power of story as an indispensable part of life.

The Grace Sawyer Library is used and loved by the entire St. Luke’s community.  In addition to weekly library classes, JK-8 and Upper School collaborations and integrations, the library provides an open-door policy throughout the day for student and teacher drop-ins to do independent work or browse, is utilized by teachers for small group instruction, and teacher meetings, morning drop-ins by parents for book recommendations, and the Biblio-Oxen volunteers for daily maintenance of the library.  

Additionally the library is open multiple times a week for Upper School recess and after school two afternoons a week for quiet discovery and play. Through this combination of programming, activities, projects, and research,  students experience a wide variety of ways to enjoy books and reading and have a venue to share that information. This leads to their independence and ownership of their library which enhances the educational program of the school while empowering students as critical readers, researchers and thinkers and builds a strong sense of community.

We have a collection of 17,644 titles and 23,230 total copies
Student reads a book on a bench in the library.
Grace Sawyer


Teacher, Parent, Parishioner, Counselor & Friend 
Our Library honors the memory of Grace Sawyer, a truly extraordinary St. Luke’s teacher whose depth of commitment was felt by all who she touched.

visit our new "make and play" library annex and explore the board game collection
service programs

In addition to interacting with the collection and in the Library, students participate in several service programs that support literacy in New York City and around the world such as Project Cicero, Little Free Library, and Better World Books. In fact, our Little Free Library located near the playground is registered on Google Maps alongside Little Free Libraries located throughout the world. Books and textbooks are recycled throughout the year through our library to Better World Books. 


Three students sit on steps of the library ladder and read books.
The Metis Method

The Grace Sawyer Library uses the Metis categorization method. Metis is a child-friendly system of library categorization developed by four school librarians. It is a child-centric system that allows children to drive their own searches. Children use logic that reflects their own experiences in tandem with whole language, visual cues, and intuition. Putting the child in the center of his or her own search is empowering and awakens a sense of success and discovery.