A Letter from the New Head of School

October 11, 2022

Dear St. Luke's School Families,

When I stepped outside the St. Luke's gate onto Hudson Street to begin my walk home to the East Village, I felt my days had passed too quickly as a finalist, and there was still so much for me to learn about your outstanding, kind community. As I write this first note as your next Head of School, I am filled with gratitude, humility, and pure joy at the thought of returning as both a leader and learner of the St. Luke's way.

Your community's thoughtful approach to the search process and love of St. Luke's and its mission deeply touched me. I am grateful to the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees for their leadership and am confident in the partnership we will forge together.

During my meetings with the senior leadership team, faculty, staff, students, and families, I shared my belief in the importance of celebrating childhood and my passion for programming and curricula that affirms and challenges students as they develop during these important years. Academic excellence is predicated on students' feelings of belonging and the meaningful relationships they form with faculty, staff, and peers. It is evident that the St. Luke's community, grounded in its Episcopal identity and over 75-year history, values these same qualities, and I look forward to our shared future.

St. Luke's is filled with talented and passionate educators. Faculty and staff colleagues, I can't wait to begin working with you. Your dedication to putting children at the center of an outstanding educational experience is visible in every part of a student's day. Bart Baldwin's leadership has enabled a visionary, secure foundation upon which I am eager to build. Bart, thank you for your perspective and partnership as we move forward together during the transition ahead.

One of the most frequent questions asked during my recent visit was, "Do you have a pet?" I am happy to report that we do! Pip'n, our family’s miniature dachshund, along with my 18-year-old son, Henry, and my husband, Scott, look forward to learning from all of you, too. 

Throughout my time meeting with and observing St. Luke's students, learning with joy was palpable. As an educator who focuses on the student journey, nurtures community, promotes equity, and strives for excellence, I will endeavor each and every day to carry that joy forward and lead St. Luke's with heart.

I look forward to sharing more about the transition plans. In the meantime, enjoy these autumn days, and I will see you all soon.

With gratitude,