Episcopal Identity

St. Luke’s School is deeply committed to the Episcopal Church values of openness and flexibility.

At St. Luke's, your child will:

Become an open-minded citizen who lives and learns well within communities of diverse age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, race, religion and socio-economic status.  
St. Luke's actively seeks families of all faiths and backgrounds. Multiple perspectives, multicultural themes and issues of equity and justice are incorporated into the curriculum. Read more about the school's commitment to diversity.

Respect themselves and others, and experience joy in the world around them.
Every child at St. Luke’s will be expected to represent the school’s community standards of excellence, respect, compassion, dignity, and honesty. These are qualities they will carry forth throughout their lives. 

Learn how to use their gifts in ways that help others, allowing for deep personal growth.
Service beyond self is an integral part of daily life at St. Luke’s. It begins with simple classroom jobs or being an older partner to a younger child. It continues with grade-level, school-wide, and individual opportunities and requirements for community service

Emerge as a fully formed person through respecting traditions and learning to think for themselves.
Moral and ethical discussions are a fundamental part of school life. Classrooms are places where children can freely ask questions, engage in meaningful dialogue on issues of ultimate importance, and express their feelings and opinions.

Appreciate many faiths and have opportunities to reflect upon their own spiritual lives.
The Religious Education program at St. Luke's gives students the tools to approach, explore, and better understand a wide variety of religious experience across time and place. 

Learn how to work through difficulties and conflicts in ways that result in greater understanding and leaves each person’s dignity intact. 
As students move through the grades at St. Luke's, they are expected to demonstrate increasing levels of independence, self-awareness, and responsibility.

I think more than anything, the spiritual aspect of St. Luke’s had a big impact on me. I ended up always having that aspect as a big part of my life.Timmaris McDowell ‘60

Our Chapel experience created a lifetime of ‘seeking’ in me, which has led me to explore and appreciate many other religions and philosophies, and enriched my life in so many ways.Deirdre Somers Fischer, ‘76

Students sit in the chapel.