Episcopal Principles

Roger Bowen, former Head of the York School in Monterey, California, best expressed the core values of Episcopal schools that also guide us at St. Luke’s School.  These principles are fundamental to a comprehensive liberal arts education and, in our view, offer the greatest hope for the fulfillment of our most noble human aspirations. 

  • A commitment to an atmosphere of free inquiry in all academic pursuits as we seek the truth in a learning process unfettered by dogmatic considerations;
  • A belief in the fundamental unity of the global family;
  • A belief in the equality and dignity of all human beings;
  • A belief in the sacredness of every individual and his or her conscience;
  • A belief that love, compassion, unselfishness, and the force of inner truthfulness ultimately have greater power than hate, enmity, and self-interest;
  • A commitment by each member of the school community to grow in service to others;
  • A commitment to provide opportunities for worship and the development of the spiritual life;
  • A commitment to engage freely in ethical and religious discussion, when appropriate, in all academic disciplines.