St. Luke’s School is an independent school with a history of excellence spanning over seventy-five years.

Today's St. Luke's School is really the fourth school on its current grounds.  Three times over the years, the Church of St. Luke in the Fields established parish day schools, but the constantly changing neighborhoods made it difficult to sustain them.

As World War II ended and young middle-class families moved into the West Village, St. Luke's responded to the community's need for a school. With the help of Trinity Church, St. Luke's School opened its doors on September 24, 1945, with 19 children and two teachers in classrooms in the Parish House. The school operated as a division of the church until it achieved independence in 2012. In 2020, St. Luke's School fully expanded its student body after a decade of growth.

Take a tour through St. Luke's rich history below.

75 Years of St. Luke's School


Recent Construction


Timelapse of Building Construction - 2017
Timelapse of Playground Construction - 2019