Mission Statement

Our mission serves children:

We ignite curiosity for the world and for learning.
We instill confidence to advocate for themselves and others.
We inspire courage to lead in service to our community, world, and future.

Our community offers each member a welcome place to unite knowledge with goodness:
A Place in the Classroom:

Our rich and rigorous curriculum develops confident learners who are both independent and collaborative. We create a safe environment for intellectual discourse through which students learn to trust their minds, find their voices, and pursue their ambitions.

A Place at the Table:

We intentionally embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity—every person has a place at the table and every voice is valued. Through our Episcopalian traditions, we welcome people of all faiths and beliefs into a community where God and human spirituality are contemplated in the development of the whole self.

A Place in the World:

Our ethical underpinning guides our children in nurturing their social consciousness and their ability to face challenges with grace, courage, and resilience. We plant the seeds for a life of fulfillment and gratitude in which each child embodies a willingness to serve a greater purpose.


Learning with Joy.

Leading with Heart.



Portrait of a Graduate
A student takes a picture of flowers.

A St. Luke’s School graduate will face situations with grace, courage, awareness, and adaptability.

A St. Luke’s School graduate will have and use a moral compass and understand that others’ perspectives matter and are valuable.

A St. Luke’s School graduate will be able to embrace their strengths as learners and celebrate others’ successes. Our students will understand themselves well enough and be open to learn about and see others’ strengths.

A St. Luke’s School graduate will be patient with one another.

A St. Luke’s School graduate will inspire idealism while accepting and learning deeply about reality. They will look for ways to take action to make ideals reality.